Gila Bend in 100° anyone?

So we went to a little fork in the road called Gila Bend. We didn’t go to see the town. We went to see what was beyond the town. There is a place that was along the Anza Trail, called Painted Rock Petroglyph Site. It was interesting to say the least. I have seen petroglyphs before and they are always a really cool thing to see.

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Casa Grande Ruins

We took a little morning trip to Coolidge Arizona to see the Casa Grande Ruins. We were told it is rare for Arizonans to take a tour and for a family to stay as long as we did. I find that strange as we would have stayed longer if our tummies weren’t screaming at us to eat some lunch. But on the other hand I didn’t take lunch because I thought we would be home before that. I guess that means we stayed longer that I thought we would too.

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