Summertime, an’ the livin’ is easy

Planning, swimming, playing, cleaning, and organizing are my summertime norms now. We used to school steadily through the summer or at the very least keep up with one or two subjects. But there is so much to be learned and done in the summer that doesn’t require an actual plan. That’s not to say it’s not intentional but it’s much less structured. There are so many memories to make. Plus we graduated another student and he is turning 18 TODAY and I am feeling like making the most of the time we have left with him at home.

We have had the opportunity to serve with Anchor Church Gilbert at the elementary school that we rent out for our new church plant.

This is a rogue corn stalk and tomato plant that popped up in our front yard in the middle of a red yucca. I was tempted to pull the corn but the teacher in me thought it would be a good idea to see how the corn grows. We have five ears on this stalk but it isn’t looking very healthy since the heat finally hit us.

From the garden

Have you even been able to tell your littles to go to the garden and get some tomatoes for dinner? Me either until now. It was a new milestone in my life.

Carousel at the zoo

Little Man did some work around the house so he could ride the carousel at the zoo.

While we were at a cool pool party Big Bro was out buying his first car with his hard earned money. We went out to take some pictures and I realized that the battery of my speed light trigger was dead. So unprofessional, I’m glad my son was forgiving and we will go out tonight to get some that actually show the car better. Gotta have the memories preserved.

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