Outdoor Locations Around Maricopa

Here are some samplings of places to have your pictures taken in Maricopa. Each location is versatile and different times of day as well as different seasons will produce different results.

Ak-Chin Southern Dunes- Golf Course

There are trees, grass and a great view of the sky. There is also a building with stone work and arches. This is a public area and we do need to work around people.

Late Afternoon
Sunset infront of subject

Hidden Valley Desert North

Beautiful desert landscape with view of mountain and sky, no saguaros in this area. Drive up and park on paved roads but actual photography is done on the dirt road and desert area next to the road. Lushwith green bushes and flowers in the spring.

Summer and fall show yellow and brown hues with a little bit of green.


West Pinal County Park

Desert landscape with mountains and saguaros. This location is south of Maricopa. There is no fee for use of the park and sometimes there are porta potties at the vicinity. (I only have personal images from here so far)

Night, fall
Morning, Spring
Sunset, Winter

Hall Farms Pecan Grove

Beautiful setting in Maricopa’s farmland. Summer and fall are the best times to use this area. This is seasonal and we also have to work around the watering system of the farm. A second location should be chosen as a plan B in the event that the grove is being watered.

December Sunset
January fog at Hall Farms

Other Options

We can turn most places into a great photograph. There are many parks, fountains, and structures that are a part of the community. Here is a sampling of places that have been requested by clients or visited on a whim in the past. Keep in mind the seasonal differences of any location.

Mac Farms Cotton Fields November
Ak-Chin Cotton Fields November
Ak-Chin farm land, off of Farrell Rd.
Sorento Park
Altera green area
Altera green area at night
Rancho El Dorado
Rancho El Dorado
Rancho El Dorado
Maricopa Meadows Park
Loma Field
Tortosa Tower (back)
Ak-Chin Skate Park
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