100 Days of Summer

When you are a running a business that uses posting to Instagram or any other social media site to advertise it is a good idea to have a cohesive look to your profile or page. That way when people look at your online stuff they see exactly what they will get when you work for them. It is called branding. I can say without any doubt that my summer series is going to completely shred any evidence of a brand that I had going.

My images are so eclectic that I don’t have just one style and my photographers voice is still developing. Now that most of my kids are older and I have more time, I can explore and define my craft. That is typically what I have used my summer series for over the last 5 years.

This year I don’t have one lens I’m using or any new gear. I don’t have an angle or theme. Actually, I have toyed with many themes and may turn them into weekly challenges for myself. I guess we will have to wait and see.

If you have a challenge I am always ready to try an assignment. Just send me a message through the contact form and perhaps I can use it for inspiration.

Here are the first 17 images in the series. This is longer than usual because I skipped a week. Usually there will be 7 or so images. Oh and please feel free to share this post on FB or in an email if you want. I would but I can’t.

Golden Hour, actually it’s more like golden fifteen but I will take what I can get of this pretty light.

OK so I said I didn’t get any new gear but that was false. I bough some speedlight modifiers so I could shoot an outdoors wedding at night. Here it is showing up behind Precious Moments Girl’s head. When you don’t have pretty light you can make some.

Little Man’s birthday was a wet day. We tried water balloons but they bounced off of him.

Bring on the buckets

Ahhhhhhh, that sweet golden hour light again.

The Alexander men extended the back porch by 2 feet in less about three hours.

We found a new fruit and vegetable market that sells cheap cheap cheap fruit. In this house that is HUGE!

We have a funny story that I hope we remember for years to come. Right now because I have teenagers I will keep it to myself. But I can say that I am ecstatic to be planting a church with an amazing group of people.

First Anchor Youth gathering for my boys.
Speed Racer
I won
Chickens, bunnies, and unfortunately some ants.

OK so I am going to be pretty honest about this one. In Arizona there are a lot of tribal lands. They are great to hike on if you have a permit or go places that are allowable with out it. But more often than not, directions from people and GPS are iffy at best. There are usually five different ways to get to the same spot. Some better than others, some that could cause death, especially around the Grand Canyon. We had just done some exploring and did not find what we were looking for. I was hot, tired and knew I would not be shooting more that day but it is my summer series when I must shoot and post every day unless ill. So when I saw this spider web I decided I would use it and took pictures from every angle including straight up. I ended up choosing this one even though the spider is so out of focus you can’t see it. It captured the hot blazing sun that drained away my strength that day.

Again I was tired and ran out of daylight. I tried to do some decent astrophotography. It’s not up to my standard but without the planning it takes I am satisfied.

Using the Magmod modifiers again. I must say it makes for sharper evening images and really eliminates shadows on my people. It does change the whole feel of the image so I am wondering what place it will have in my future work.

Sadly I’m getting used to having only 3 boys around most of the time instead of four. My oldest graduated high school and is working hard to buy his car and then off to trade school.

And you guessed it I used Magmod again for these next two images. One looks natural and the other is obvious.

Little Man sent his first piece of mail today. He wrote the letter and sent it off. It was a proud moment.

Snail mail is such a novelty.
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