100 Days of Summer 2018 Highlights

It is almost time to start my personal 2019 summer photo project. Traditionally it runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This is one photo project I have been able to successfully complete every year since 2014 and every year I see growth and change in my images. I have tried twice to do 365 projects but to no avail. Sometimes I shoot everyday or edit or post but I am not able to keep up with the every day stuff all year. Honestly, you would not want to see many of the images I take every day. Many of them right now are failed attempts at studio lighting. Talk about washed out.

Here are my favorite images from last years project. This summer I will just be posting once a week on this blog and every day on Instagram. I really wish I could get back on FB to post but something in me keeps saying NOOOOOOOOO when I think about getting one again.

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