Why did Facebook disable my account?

Without warning and without explanation Facebook deactivated my account. Now I no longer have a personal or business account. Gone just like that. I just want to know why. What did I do that was so terrible that I was banned?

Well, first of all, hello and welcome to my school room which is in transition right now. This is the place where I spend most of my day because this is where we school and also where we eat dinner.

Since my account was disabled I have tried to contact Facebook many times in order to get an answer to my question. Their response? Their response bots tell me they need proof that I am the owner of the account. They want me to send them a copy of my drivers license or birth certificate so they can store it for a year. Ummmmmm NO! Do I really need to consider this? No, just no!

No Facebook, you may not have a copy of my drivers license or birth certificate.

Listen, I give away a lot of my personal and private information just by using Facebook or Google for that matter. Let’s face it. We basically trade our right to privacy and ownership of our content in order to use the platform. But do you really think I am going to give up even more personal and sensitive information to a company that regularly leverages and sells my personal data to other companies? HAHAHAHAHAHAH! It’s laughable!!!! Here is an article by NBC News about that, in case you are interested.

I did send them a photo of my drivers license with all of the information blacked out except my name, date of birth, and picture. This was not enough for them. I don’t understand this if they are truly interested in confirming it is me. I mean really, my digital fingerprint should be pretty obvious to them without me having to prove myself.

Facebook what have I done to you?
Facebook knows me pretty well but they still need proof it’s me.

I didn’t need this information in order to sign up. I didn’t need this to change a forgotten password in the past. Now that I think about it, in the past in order to change a forgotten password I had to identify a friend’s face in a picture. Ok, was I helping them with facial recognition technology? Probably. So now that avenue is exhausted because that technology is established and works very well. So now what am I helping them with by handing over my very personal information? I don’t know but they will have to build that data base with other’s information. Facebook just isn’t that important to me.

Facebook is not what it used to be and now it’s not that important to me.

It does however stink that I cannot advertise my photography business on that platform but Facebook is not God and if God wants to prosper my business or kill it He can do that without my use of Facebook.

The only picture I have of my taking a picture.

So why was I banned? Was it because I am Christian? I’m not as outspoken as I would like so I can’t imagine it would be that. Was it because I support Christian and Conservative FB sites? I still have friends who were not banned for liking the same groups. Just in case you think that doesn’t happen, here is an article about that. Was it because someone hacked my account? Was it because I contacted someone in messenger that was not on my friends list? I have some enemies, perhaps they turned me in as spam????? Was it because Facebook wants more information about me to leverage? Was it because they are trying to fix some legal issues and it’s down so they can cover their tracks? Here is an article about that. I don’t know. I really don’t understand how most of it works.

What I do understand is that Facebook is acting like an editorial site and not a social media platform. They can edit what they want and allow what they want and because they are not regulated or accountable they can get away with it. They can get away with deactivating me for vague reasons or no reason at all. Well, I guess it’s like a business’s right to refuse service. But what kind of service is it? I don’t like government hands in everything so I am not suggesting that the government regulate it. However if FB is going to act like an editorial site it needs to be held to the same standards.

So I write this blog post not to show off my photography and God’s handiwork but to let people and friends know where my Facebook presence went.

It was super cool to get some texts from people wondering if I had blocked them or why I deleted my account. That showed me that some people do like to see my content. It made me feel cared about. So anyway, if you made it this far into my post please share this so that my other friends can see it and know what happened to me.

You can follow me (for now) on Instagram at Seven Million Wonders Photo .

You can also use the contact form to get a message straight to my inbox or even reply to this post. I would LOVE to hear from you!!!!

My annual summer project will be coming up and the Milky Way season has started and soon it will be monsoon season!!!!! I am really excited about this!!! Join me and you can also check back at this website for new blog posts as I plan to use this site more often. Eventually I will make an e-mail list you can join!

I will leave you with an image of the Milky Way that I took from my dad’s house in Northern Arizona. Yeah he has amazing views!!

Milky Way behind Mt. Nutt

17 thoughts on “Why did Facebook disable my account?

  1. I already miss you on FB, but know you aren’t far away! I’ll try to be more diligent about sending you a text instead of FB private message. Love you and what you stand for! You are a positive light and tell the truth IN LOVE. Keep it up! ♡♡


  2. I was wondering why you unfriended me. Ha lol. Good job and keep the faith. Remember even Judas Priest are defenders of the faith.


  3. Not so long ago I wanted to shut down my fb account. As far as I could tell it was impossible. in fact i somehow ended up with a new start. I should have just left but there is a lot of 2 am boredom in my life (recouperating from some surgeries). If only you knew whst you did so I could try it, too.


  4. Aw Sara Im so sorry this happened but I didnt know you had a blog! I will add this to my bookmarks. Love you and wish you the best!


    1. YAY! The blog is less than two months old. I set up the website so I could have a place for people to come and look at my photography and get information. I am building it up slowly with clients work but I am going to use the blog for both personal and client work.

      As for Facebook, perhaps someday they will let me back on but right now they refuse to respond to me.


  5. I’ve missed seeing the picture of the day and the countdown for the year. I hope you get back on soon and keep sharing those! I’ll check out your IG account!


    1. Oh I wish I could post all of my project 365 images. Some are of clients and others are of my kids that need to remain private. I can’t really do that on Instagram. FB was easier. I do have a lot more time in my day though now that I’m not on FB.


  6. Was wondering where you had gone!
    I have missed seeing your photos and posts. So sorry about all this, but know that many love you and your work. Give all to God and he will direct your path!
    Love, Linda Q


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