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I’m going to try something new and start including people in my stars and storms this year. Are you as excited as I am ???

Memories of today.

The day goes by so fast and your life changes the same way.

Let’s take some pictures of you, your family, your event so you can save these moments before they are gone.

Portrait sessions that are laid back and fun. My aim is to capture the real connections and personalities of my clients. Your images will range from traditional to dramatic.

Beautiful Honest Connection

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Sara Alexander

Arizona Photographer
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Maricopa, Arizona

Monsoon 2020

What a happy day it is. Monsoon has finally come to Arizona. We waited a long time this year and some, including me, were beginning to wonder if we would have one at all. Southern Arizona was getting blessed but the rest of us were just waiting and waiting and hoping. When it finally showedContinue reading “Monsoon 2020”

Family shoot at Hall Farms

his shoot was right before Chirstmas and the leaves are still on the trees but not for much longer. They will become bare in the next week or two. Then we will get our January fog and the grove will take on a completely different look.

Beautiful, Honest, Connection